Simplifying Digital Cell Morphology for your lab

CellaVision DC-1 is a revolutionary hematology analyzer that is optimized to simplify blood cell differentials in diagnostic labs. It effectively automates and simplifies the work that is traditionally done by manually using conventional microscopy.
CellaVision has a proven track-record of helping higher volume labs transform this important routine procedure They now offer the same well-documented operational and clinical implementation benefits in the DC-1 to smaller volume labs as well.

Digital analyzer of cell morphology


Modernizing and simplifying blood cell differentials.

CellaVision® DM1200 and DM9600
Automation of the manual differential

The CellaVision DM analyzers fill one of the remaining automation gaps in routine hematology testing by providing:

    • Efficiency: Automated cell location and pre-classification along with unique cell views reduce the time spent performing differentials, training new techs and monitoring proficiency
    • Collaboration: The Standardization ensure that technologists of all abilities, experience and education perform differentials at the same high level of consistency
  • Connectivity: Multiple remote review stations enable supervisory review, inter/intra-lab comparison and the opportunity for real time collaboration with pathology

Designed to automate and simplify the process of performing blood differentials, the CellaVision systems leverage high speed robotics and digital imaging to automatically locates and capture high quality image of cells.

CellaVision DM9600


• Loading capacity: 96 slides, with continuous feed
• Throughput: Approximately 30 slides per hour

CellaVision DM1200


• Loading capacity of 12 slides
• Approximately 20 slides throughput per hour

Efficiency, Proficiency, Connectivity, Collaboration

Automatic cell location and pre-classification improves resource utilization, the quality of results and employee satisfaction. Highly skilled medical technologists are able to spend more time on difficult cases that require careful analysis and assessment. The ability to archive images enables laboratories and clinicians to review previous cell images for long term case management.

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